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Touba Alipour is a Miami based artist and designer. She was born and raised in Iran. She holds a bachelor’s degree in interior design from American University in Dubai - where she was living at the time. She then continued her academic journey by pursuing her master’s degree in exhibition and experience design at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. After working in the industry for some time, she decided to expand her set of skills and techniques by learning sculpture at National Academy Museum & School which led her in to the art world.

"My works are inspired by daily events and activities happening around the world. Topics of my installations vary from self-reflection and self-awareness to politics and social activism. My works focus on engaging the viewer in a thought provoking subject matter that will start a conversation. I have always been attracted to disruptive moments and believed in powerful experiences which encourage me to push boundaries as much as possible to identify and create rare experiences that allow people to escape the ordinary."

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