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* Exhibition design thesis project.


WHO AM I is an exhibition which helps people to think about their own identity and how they can influence the 

environment they live in. There are activities in this exhibit that directs people to participate in being mindful of what they do in their lives. Promoting identity, mindfulness and making the world a better place to live is the main focus of this exhibition.
The WHO AM I exhibit is designed to connect with visitors own stories of identity. This exhibit will take a psychological approach. It addresses the visitors as individuals and also makes a personal connection with the visitors. The visitor will be able to see how an individual’s identity forms and what the psychology behind these feelings is. 

WHO AM I exhibition is a journey inward for the visitors in order to awaken their innerself to achieve their best potential in life. A series of interactive and experiential activities are the ways which visitors will connect to their inner-self and realize their true identity.

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